Optimising Your Design Equipment

Many people have shifted to working from home recently, making home offices and workspaces more common. As a result, it’s crucial to optimize your workspace for work efficiency, starting with your desk and equipment. In this article, we’ll focus on design-oriented workspaces and how to optimize The Humble Wooden Desk by adequately placing the right equipment on it.

Choosing the Right Desk

Choosing a suitable desk is the first step towards creating a design-oriented workspace. A desk’s size and shape are essential, primarily if you use a large monitor for design work. You’ll need a desk that’s the right height to prevent neck and back pain and one that can accommodate all of your equipment. A desk that provides adequate space for your keyboard, mouse, and other tools is crucial for maintaining an efficient and productive workspace.

Selecting the Right Monitor

Your monitor is at the heart of your workspace, so selecting the right one is essential. A monitor with high resolution and colour accuracy is necessary for design work. The monitor’s height should also be adjusted to maintain proper posture and reduce discomfort. A monitor arm or stand can also help change the monitor’s size to the optimal position.

Drawing Tools for Designers

Drawing tools, such as pencils, drawing tablets, and mice, are essential for designers. Correctly placing these tools is necessary to optimize your workspace. A drawing tablet should be close to your monitor to provide the correct drawing position. The mouse should be on a flat surface to reduce discomfort and maintain proper ergonomics. Additionally, selecting the right drawing tools can make a significant difference in the efficiency of your workspace.

Organizing Your Workspace

Properly organizing your workspace is crucial to improving work efficiency. Having shelves and storage space nearby can help keep your workspace clean and organized. A clean workspace can also help reduce stress and improve overall productivity. Consider using a cable management system to keep cables and cords tidy and out of the way.


Creating a design-oriented workspace takes careful planning and consideration. Optimizing The Humble Wooden Desk with the proper equipment placement and organization can create a more efficient and productive work environment. Selecting the suitable desk, monitor, and drawing tools and organizing your workspace are essential steps towards achieving this goal. Remember, a well-organized workspace can help reduce stress, improve productivity, and enhance your overall work experience.

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