Ecommerce Web Design

Ecommerce Web Design


All the features of a ?small business website?, plus: Ecommerce functionality, Order management system, Delivery tracking functionality, Live chat



The cost of e-commerce websites can vary massively. The price is impacted by the number of items you want to stock, and the?number of varieties of each item that are available. It will also, of course, depend on the number of additional features that you want to incorporate. You can expect an eCommerce web design to include an order management system,?delivery tracking functionality?and a?live chat facility, in addition to the features included in a small business website.

When commissioning your eCommerce website, really think about what you want from your new site. Will this website make up most of your brand?s presence ? do you want people to hang around, to read blog posts, to?engage with your social media? Do you expect people to return to your site? Or will it be more of a stripped-back ?one-stop-shop?? Do you expect a lot of your customers to shop on mobile, or mostly on the desktop?

In addition to the usual maintenance, hosting, domain and design costs, we suggest you also factor in the cost of an?SSL certificate. This will add another layer of security to your website, and help to reassure customers.

Having a SSL certificate gives your site a??https??prefix, instead of the usual ?http?. The ?s? stands for secure, and it?s something we?re increasingly seeing sites move towards. An SSL certificate also means you have a padlock icon in the address bar. It means your customers will take your website seriously, and so will Google. You should check that your web designer will include this as part of the package.

Ideal For:
Any SMEs looking to sell online

Package Details:
One-year domain, One-year hosting, Admin Panel, Support with ticket, SEO Ready, SSL, Mobile Responsible Design

Customer Responsibility:
Content of Web Design, Logo, Hierarchy, Product Category, Product Images


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